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About Me

Hello everyone, I am John Meli.

I was raised in Temple City, California. My Dad was a race car driver and also built race cars for a living. I spent most of my childhood at Ascot Racetrack which I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot from my Dad.  

I attended the Rio Hondo College Firefighter 1 Program and worked as a volunteer Firefighter for several years.  While I was studying Martial Arts, I met a gentleman who had a plumbing company. I began to work as a plumber for him, and after a few years, I started my own business as a General Contractor. Life was looking very good.  I got married, we had a baby and a beautiful house. My business was doing great until the big recession in 2008.  Suddenly everything changed.  My business took a huge hit, and I was desperate to find a way to support my family.  

It was then that I learned about the Stock Market and Penny Stocks. In the beginning, I was making a little money, but that was not consistent.  After finally connecting with Casey, and getting some great training, I began to learn about Forex and ended up developing a profitable trading business.  So here we are!  

I’d love to pass along to you the greatest thing that I ever learned from my Dad...“never give up”...oh yeah, and all of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up and implemented over the years!!!

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Knowledge is valuable, but special knowledge is priceless!  

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